Apple MacBook Screen Replacement

At Guru IT Solutions, we repair Apple MacBook of all generations. The most common repair on a MacBook is its screen replacement. When you see vertical lines on your screen in an unusual pattern, that could very well be a result of a damaged screen circuit. We have the tools and experience for the job and we specialize in replacing the LCD screen on most models of Apple Macbook.We carry screens and display assemblies in stock and can repair your device within a short time frame. You can rely on Guru IT Solutions as we use OEM parts that are most suitable for your device.

We can help with following repairs

  • Cracked or shattered Apple Macbook LCD screens.
  • Lines in Retina LCD Screen.
  • LCD cable replacement.
  • Dim LCD screen due to liquid damage..
  • Water/liquid damage.
  • Dead Macbook/ Macbook not turning ON.