Apple MacBook Logicboard Repair

Apple MacBook Logic Board Repair

Apple Macbook and an iMac is a powerful machine in a metallic chassis. It handles a lot of processing and it is made possible by a state-of-the-art logic board. However, it takes careful handling for the logic board to perform at peak. Accidental drops, liquid spills and overheating are commonly found behind a non-working Apple Macbook or iMac. With a lot going on simultaneously, we are mostly rushing to get our work completed in time. It’s unfortunate but, a lot of clients bring their Apple Macbook or iMacs where a USB port is not working, or a trackpad has stopped responding. This is where we offer our experience and expertise.

We can help with following repairs

  • Macbook or iMac not turning ON.
  • Macbook not charging.
  • Macbook Keyboard not responding.

At Guru IT Solutions, we have professional tools required to deal with such situations. The Apple Macbook or iMac logic board is assessed for damage under a microscope. The values of various components are then measured, and bad components are replaced with the new ones to ensure your Apple MacBook or iMac is working like nothing has happened. This service comes with a 90 days warranty.