Nobody likes dirt and dust- neither human beings nor computer devices! It is certain that we cannot consume dirt- that we cannot share our space in a filthy place- and that cleanliness (more or less) is like an active drive regulated by human being on daily basis. If this is the case, then how we can afford to keep our devices (computers, tablets, phones) unclean?
According to research, the daily devices used by human beings (such as personal computers and mobile phones) are the dirtiest of all. They are one among the most prominent root cause for spreading viral cum bacterial diseases. The shocking reality is- personal devices are filthier than toilet seats! Other than this, the poor habit of eating food around devices can also make a person vulnerable to tech bugs like ‘Staphylococcus aureus’. This unhygienic disorder can be extremely harmful to the human digestive system. Is your tablet, laptop, keyboard, mobile, and gaming console clean? If not, read these easy tips for maintaining cleanliness in your devices!

Clean your devices regularly with simple solutions:
Use a microfiber cloth (than cotton, woolen or synthetic cloth) with water to clean your delicate devices. It is by far the easiest method of cleaning sensitive devices without having any harmful effects. You can also use water with vinegar for preparing an adequate chemical solution. Scrubbing with the vinegar solution should be used only for sensitive devices like computer screens, mobiles, tablets, etc.

Dealing with the stubborn dirt:
Dust is comparatively easy to remove, but dirt has a different story! For cleaning your devices, focus on the loose dirt and detritus that often accumulates around keyboard and desktop screen. Use blow dryers or vacuum cleaners for removing the dirt. Never blow dirt with your own breathe- don’t take the dirt on your face this way. You can also choose a hard brush for a manual cleaning process.

Using liquid cleaning methods:
Liquid cleaners should not be directly sprayed on the devices- you can use a cloth and solution together for semi-dry cleaning. Avoid using typical household cleaning products that comprises of elements like bleach. Use specific products designed for sensitive cleaning. Check whether your desktop screen has anti-glare coating or not. In case it is not protected with the coating, then go for mild cleaning.

Using UV light box!
It is by far the most innovative way to modern cleaning! UV light boxes are used for sterilizing Smartphones, keyboards, tablets and other similar devices. Look for the best UV light box in the market before investing your time and money on any particular brand.
Cleaning has to be a regular exercise, and there is no option for it! We can use protective shields for repelling dust but even then, one needs to make sure that the devices remain dust/dirt/germ-free for a long time.