We understand that you are not a techie, but it’s always wonderful to start learning and ‘caring’ for things that you love.Your computer demands care and attention – go for regular servicing and learn some of the basic tips for maintaining it with us. At Guru IT Solutions, most of the customers that visit us for computer repair and replacement needs, are those who face issues because of lack of care. Trust me, we all do that. We are too busy to clean the air-vents etc. It indicates a need of little understanding and learning that is well worth for every computer user. Read this article for brushing your knowledge about computer processing and related solutions- have a look!
Virus Removal and Malware:
Don’t waste your quality time in struggling with an infected PC- instead, start with a viral removal process.
First of all, backup all your data (as we have already discussed the importance of data backing in our article) before reformatting your system.
Secondly, check for alternative reasons before judging you system. The idea is to troubleshoot the root cause than just going for a virus removal- a slow computer can be due to several other reasons like memory shortage, adware, hardware failure, hard drives and so on, in that case, you don’t need to go through the process of virus removal.
Last but not the least; collect all tools before starting with virus removal. Get an antivirus program that are available in three options- free, trail pack and paid. Learn about the feature and go for some trusted brands like Norton or McAfee and so on. In certain cases, you might also need an anti-malware program.
Reinstalling operating system:
You can improve a slow computer system that is bogged down due to unwanted startup programs and toolbars with the help of operating system reinstallation. The process is simple-

Determine the operating system that you would like to use.
Double check you have a valid license for that version of operating system.
Learn about software and its compatibility. Reinstallation is a step-by-step procedure that is relatively easy to follow- you can try it for once!
Take an effort in understanding the needs of your system- learn the difference between DIY operations and the requirement for professional services. Guru IT Solutions is always there to make your experience comfortable and flawless!