Your computer is a machine- it is vulnerable to accidents, damages, and loss! What about the data in your computer? Can you afford to lose it?

They say ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and with timely backups we can prevent the worst from happening. Losing your critical data in the form of business files, pictures, licensed software and confidential information is not only unfortunate but, profoundly inconvenient. Besides that, exposing your data to vulnerability is certainly more regrettable. All of this could be avoided by taking regular backups. With the current technology, you can backup your data to a portable hard drive or subscribe to a secure cloud based solution which allows you access from any part of the world.
You can lose your date due to various reasons like computer crash, virus attack in the system, human error, physical damages, and so on. Unlike operating system or applications (that can be re-installed if corrupted), retrieving lost data is a tough row to hoe. Though backing up data is an essential process, the fact that many of us ignore it on a regular basis, is also true. Let’s take a moment to analyze various reasons for data loss in detail- here we go!
The Human Errors: Mistakes- we all make them, and they spoil our work! Have you ever faced a situation where you have deleted an important file by mistake? Have you ever formatted your active hard drive mistaking it with another drive?
How about installing software that is nothing but a virus? Happens to the best of us. The common errors and erases can affect your data within a spec second- backing up data will save your valuable time and effort.
Hard Disk failure:Though the technology has improved dramatically in the recent past, yet the unpredictable chance of hard disk failure will always remain there. You hard disk is a mechanical device which uses lot of effort to keep up with the speedy retrieval of your data on your screen and can fail any moment- there is no scheduled procedure or predicted hour for the failure. The best way to secure your condition is through regularly backing up your data.
Virus and Spyware: With the use of excessive internet, constantly using USB drives to move data from your system; Virus is just a click away! Most of the virus is downloaded along with the software, and before you can do anything, the virus spreads the malicious trap in your system. Once loaded, these harmful viruses effect the system, causes errors, affect the speed and lead to the loss of data. A credible backup system can restore the lost data- this is done with the help of reliable virus detection software. At Guru IT Solutions , we remove virus and other infections from your computers using professional and licensed software.
Spacing issues: Never overload your computer with unnecessary software, programs, and applications. Rather, use secondary methods of storing them in an external device (hard disk, cloud computing, pen drives, floppies, CD, etc.). Create an archive of your files (the least used ones) and let your internal disk breathe in free space. The process will not only help the backup needs but will also improve the speed of your system.
Most of the customers that visit Guru IT Solutions face problems related to Data Recovery, Hardware Replacement and Virus removal. Serving data recovery needs with the help of certified software; we are happy to revive their source of lost treasures.
File transfers:Transferring data files is a time-consuming task- use tape backup drives for a comfortable and inexpensive experience. These tapes can easily transfer large quantity files, making them accessible for coming years.
Use floppy diskettes, CD-Rs, external hard drives and pen drives for creating a secure backup plan. The safest of all is the use of cloud computing or online backups where you can secure your data with the use of internal/external devices. Visit Guru IT Solutions now and discuss your data recovery requirements with us- all because your data means a lot to us!